RAWsome Tip Tuesday: Peach and Pit

Sorry to let you 90210-ers down, but this won’t recap our favorite moments from the Bev Hills 90210.

From the Peach Pit to Peach and Pit

However, this little game will allow you to bond with your little Rawk Stars at the end of the day and maybe even learn something new. And what parent doesn’t want to get to know more about their kids?

This game was passed on to me from my friend who uses it with her 6-year old twins nightly.

“I will ask them how school was and get the bored ‘fine’ reply. But at night, when we play Peach and Pit, they tell me so much. I found out my daughter was being tormented by a girl on the playground.”

Peach & Pit will Allow you to Bond with your Kids

PEACH & PIT: How to Play

It’s simple! After your nightly stories, have the family cuddle and each member shares their “Peach,” or the best part of their day and their “Pit,” the worst part of their day.

It is a special and safe time to celebrate the good stuff and let the kids be aware that even Mommies and Daddies and perfect older sisters all have icky stuff happen during the day.

There is no judgement during Peach & Pit, and if something big comes up, decide wether right before sleepy time is the proper time to ask more, or waiting until the next day may be better.

Creating a Space for Each Other NIghtly is Special

This game is a sweet and special way to end the day. It only takes a few minutes and lets your kiddos know that having ups and downs during the day is a normal part of life and there is love and support waiting for them at home.

Share with us some of your favorite “peaches!”

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