RAWsome Tip Tuesday: Elderberry Syrup

Ah, that time of year is upon us! Not sleigh bells, gift bows and snow flakes, but sneezes, wheezes and sick days.

If They Seem Sick, Keep ‘Em Home

Certainly, hand washing and keeping your kids home if they seem sick are important but using natural supplements to help ward off germs is effective.

We moved to the city last year and almost immediately, with the increase of dirty doorknobs and kids never taught to “catch that cough,” all of us felt the effects. Not one to douse everyone up with over the counter crap, I asked around and Elderberry Syrup was the answer.

Elderberries are very powerful sources of antioxidants and work wonderfully either used in small doses daily to boost the immune system or once you get sick to help your body recover quickly. And the syrup is safe for small children and tastes yummy! (Follow dosage guidelines from maker.)

The syrups are available on-line from the makers or at your local health food store or apothecary (yes, we have one!)

Maine Medicinals (http://www.mainemedicinals.com/mainemedicinals_home/anthoimmune_about.html) makes an organic syrup, Anthoimmune, which we use to support local biz.

Elderberry Syrup Helps Keep You Healthy in the Winter

Gaia (http://www.gaiaherbs.com/products/detail/746/Black-Elderberry-Syrup) also makes a great product and has a special Night Formula for Kids to help them sleep.

A Must-Have Tool for Your Winter Medicine Chest

And make sure you are all eating immune-boosting foods such as green smoothies and a whole array of colorful, whole plant-based RAWsomeness!