Watermelon Wednesday: Today is National Gratitude Day!

A whole day of Thank You’s! Now that is RAWsome!

According to theultimateholidaysite.com, “The United Nations established this day to thank the people who’ve acted in the spirit of Globalism. It’s also a day to show gratitude to people in your life who’ve done good deeds. Yes, today is all one big ball of gratitude that should leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.”

Who are you going to thank today?

Kids Gone Raw would like to give a huge Thank You to all of you who have helped support our mission to Inspire, Educate and Nourish the children of the world to respect their bodies and the planet by choosing whole, living foods.

Say Thank You Anyway You Can

We chose to show our gratitude for the abundance of food we have the option of enjoying each and everyday. To show compassion for those who don’t have this choice, today we supported the Good Shepherd Food Bank Backpack Program. Our hearts ache at the number of children that go home each weekend to an empty fridge. When your only food is at school, the weekend is long and sad. This program fills backpacks with meals for food insecure children to have with them over the weekends. Learn how you can help at http://gsfb.org/how-we-help/programs/backpack-program/ or you can buy the back packs at Whole Foods in Portland.

No Child Should Have to Wait until Monday to Eat.

Outside of the Portland, Maine area, you can support through http://www.blessingsinabackpack.org/ or donate at your local food shelter.

One of the best ways to show what you are grateful for is to share that with those who don’t have it. Thank you!!