Watermelon Wednesday: Grocery Shopping in Silence??

I stood in the produce section of the grocery store for 22 minutes. I watched all of the well-meaning Mommies and Daddies fill the cart with carrots, apples, spinach and watermelons as their little ones stared up at them from the seat.

Do you know how many I saw speak even ONE WORD to their munchkins? Z.E.R.O

Don’t jump all up in a fuss. I am a parent, too. I know you are tired and stressed and zapped and just don’t have any words left.


But what an amazing opportunity you are letting pass by. Where else can you have an hour of teachable moments?

For the little babes: Point out colors, textures and interesting shapes.

Pre-schoolers: Practice counting skills as you fill the produce bag, letter recognition on signs and ask them where they think the fruit and veggies come from.

Grade schoolers: Have them weigh the produce, guess what the total of the bill will be and help check nutrition labels.

Older kids: Have them do the shopping for you while you relax in the cafe! Or have them create recipes on the spot as they sort through the aisles.

Use Grocery Shopping as a Teachable Time

Your assignment for the weekend: Take your kids with you to the grocery store or farmer’s market. ENGAGE them in the process. If you want to create healthy eaters, it starts with what you do with them in the store.

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