RAWsome Tip Tuesday!

Are you new to Green Smoothies? Is you reaction to wither in fear or run away?
I get it! Most people don’t EAT kale let alone DRINK it! It can seem bizarre. But consider this: How is drinking living, nutrient rich plants each morning weirder than filling up on cups of caffeine and cream, slabs of greasy pork and pancakes loaded with chocolate chips and fake syrup?

Even thinking about it makes my heart clog!

Your body really wants Option A. Nay, it NEEDS it!

Our bodies are like the flowers you planted last weekend. They crave the sun. Since, bowls of sunshine are hard to come by and even harder to cool, the next best thing is to consume lots of leafy green vegetables, which are loaded with chlorophyll. Does that bring you back to Sophomore Science class?

Eating Greens Delivers the Sun's Energy Right to You!

In case you skipped that day: Chlorophyll, which also gives plants that stunning dark green hue, is responsible for absorbing all of that delicious sunlight, which turns CO2 into oxygen. During this process, the energy that causes the plants to grow and develop is produced.

Eating Leafy Greens is Like Eating the Sun’s Energy

So, when you gobble up these plants, you are ingesting that energy! That makes your heart, skin, brain, cells, bones, organs, eyes…everything!…so happy, vibrant and healthy!

A simple way to ensure you are getting healthy amounts of greens is to include them in

Smoothies are an Easy Way to Get Your Greens.

your smoothies. The blender masticates (pre-digests) the leaves by turning them into liquid form, hence making it that much easier for your body to access the living vitamins and minerals stored within.

Kale, spinach, parsley, romaine, wheatgrass, sprouts, Swiss chard, cilantro–these are all loaded with the living love your body needs to thrive.

Green Smoothies Deliver a Power Pack of Nutrients
My tip for the day?

My Tip for the Day: EAT MORE GREEN!

EAT MORE GREEN! In smoothies, salads or just nibbling from the garden like a bunny. Just get it in!

Stay tuned, Elizabeth will post a RAWSOME Green Smoothie Recipe on Raw Foodie Friday.

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