Bees Please!

We Think Bees are RAWSOME!

Love, don’t swat!

Honeybees are critical for the survival of our species. They are much more than the sweet honey makers we know them to be.

Bees pollinate many of your favorite crops such as blueberries, avocados, carrots and cherries. In fact, bees provide pollen for over 80% of fruit, veggie, flower and seed crops. If bees weren’t, well, busy, the majority of fruits and veggies would die out. Then where would we be? Hungry, that’s where!

Don’t harm or kill bees! They aren’t going to attack you. If they land on you it is because you are as sweet as a flower! Stay still and they will fly away for greener pastures.

Instead, be a Bee Lover! Plant bee favorite flowers such as marigolds, dahlias, geraniums or crocuses. Garden in the Koop makes a “Save the Bees” garden box with all of the seeds you need for a lovely tribute to our striped friends.

Don’t support commercial agriculture whose use of pesticides kill off bee populations–buy your produce from local farmers who also are bee lovers.

And the next time you see a bee doing its important work say, “Thank you!”

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