Kids Gone Raw Mother’s Day Cards

This little artist readies a lemon to use in her design.Even the youngest kiddos can have a blast painting with produce!

Here are the two best ways to show Mom how much you love her: Eat your veggies and paint with them! (Probably not best to do both at the same time…)

Instead of buying a card or making one with regular art supplies, head to the fridge.

1) Cover your art space with an old sheet or newspaper. Cover yourself with a smock or old shirt.

2) Fill containers with several colors of acrylic paints. Have brushes and a couple dishes of water ready.

3) Grab some leafy greens like kale, sweet potatoes cut into triangles, vertically sliced carrots and radish rounds. Any variety of stiff, not-too-ripe produce will be fine.

These are your new paintbrushes. Gently dab the frilly ends of the kale leaves into some acrylic paint for pretty, lacy patterns. Once the carrots are covered with paint, press them onto the paper to make the rays of the sun or petals of a flower. Use your creativity to cut the food into funky shapes and stamp away.

When you are done, wash the paint from the produce and compost.

Mom will be so touched with your “outside the icebox” designs, she will leave the cards on the fridge for the whole year.

Thank you to all of the mothers who nourish their families with rawmazing foods and love all year round. xoxo!